Gillian Flynn may be my best new discovery of 2012. Her writing is like talking to a cynical, brilliant, fucked-up, friend who you know you need to keep on your good side. So.  Good. 

If what a bookstore offers matters to you, then shop at a bookstore.

"It is more important to live the life one wishes to live, and to go down with it if necessary, quite contentedly, than to live more profitably but less happily. Yet to achieve content under sometimes adverse circumstances, requires first an adjustment within oneself, and this I had already made, and after that, a recognition that one is not unique in being obliged to toil and struggle and suffer. This is the simplest of all facts and the most difficult for the individual ego to accept."

-Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Cross Creek.

It seems to me that we all have a dream of our own, our own personal vision, our own individual way of giving, but for many reasons we are afraid to pursue it, or to even recognize and accept its existence. But to deny our vision is to sell our soul. Getting is living a lie, turning our back on the truth, and Visions are glimpses of the truth: Obviously nothing external can truly nurture my inner life, my Vision.

Huburt Selby, Jr
Preface to the New Edition, Requiem For ADream 
Los Angeles, 1999