to be unhurried

About 5 years ago, I was a teacher a tiny, private, Christian school. My time there did not end well, so I wrote it all off (sad that we tend to do that, isn’t it?). However, I am slowly seeing how much my short time there, with those students, at that time in all of our lives, impacted me. The school really did have beautiful, grand ideas*. Living an unhurried life, stories to inform and discover, words as healers and educators, seeing people as they truly are, and “the blessedness of being little”…these are just a few of the ideas I learned and taught there. 

I find myself lately wanting to return to those ideas. To take my nature journal (which still says Miss Muñoz on the outside) to the park and draw with colored pencils, to write (with lovely paper and pen!) my thoughts, to put away Twitter and engage my mind and heart, to notice simple beauty, to play old gospel music on my banjo, and to live fully.

I guess it took 5 years for the wounds of that ending to heal. Now that they have, I am anxious to take what I learned, both good and bad, and apply it to my life. What an experiment that will be.

*The school was formed based on Charlotte Mason teaching principles, which I wholly and fully support and love. Someday, perhaps, I can teach my children in the same manner. Well, mostly the same manner. Ok, some of the same manner. 

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